Mickey Mouse, Tony the Tiger, Ronald McDonald, and the Energizer Bunny are four of the most recognized mascot costumes in the marketplace today.
Memorable mascots like these effectively make visual and tactile impressions with target audiences.
Today, we all have shorter and shorter attention spans
simply due to the vast number of “things” to see.

Having a meet-And-greet mascot can fuel your promotional efforts by creating lasting impressions and powerful brand association.

Having a mascot ‘in your corner’ builds recognition and loyalty for your corporation, team, or organization.
Your mascots can open doors to the kinds of exposure that are not available with a print ad, flyer or even a TV commercial. Having a brand mascot enables you to participate with more impact in events such as:
* Community parades
* Sporting events
* Local festivals
* Charity events
* Trade Shows
* Press Conferences, etc

Essentially, mascots are walking, waving, dancing, and huggable billboards - and generate vastly more impressions per dollar spent than any other form of traditional advertising. Children love mascots, adults love mascots, and they are great rallying icons for organizations and communities, all of which translates into increased exposure, loyalty, sales for a more pleasing bottom line!


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